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A gas hot water system is a type of water heater that utilises natural gas or LPG to power a burner that either heats stored water (hot water tank system) or heats water for immediate use (continuous flow system). To utilise a gas hot water system, your home must be linked to a gas mains supply pipe line, or certain versions can use LPG cylinders.

A gas hot water system with a storage tank uses the gas supply to heat the water in the tank to the desired temperature. Because the tank is insulated, it can keep the heat for long stretches of time. However, the gas burner will automatically turn on when it is essential to keep the stored water warm.

A gas-powered continuous flow system works by applying a burner to copper coils, which instantly heat the water going over them. Because a continuous flow gas system does not store water, it just warms it as needed (e.g. when you turn your shower on).

A gas water heater is normally more expensive to purchase and install than an electric hot water system, but it is also less expensive to operate. A gas hot water heater is an environmentally friendly choice compared to the electric hot water heater.

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Why Buz Plumbing?

Buz Plumbing are the professional Brisbane gas hot water system experts!

Buz Plumbing is a team of experienced and qualified experts that specialise in the installation, supply, and maintenance of many types of gas hot water systems. We are proud of our plumbing crew, who are specialists in their fields.

When selecting a new gas hot water system, it is advisable to talk with a plumber who will install a system that is the suitable size for your house. If this is ignored, you might use more gas than you necessarily need to.

Buz Plumbing specialises not only in installing gas hot water systems in Brisbane and performing repairs or replacements, but also in other types such as solar and electric hot water systems. If you’re not sure what type you want, we recommend consulting with a plumber to go over all of your options before installing a new hot water system.

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Gas Hot Water FAQs

What are the benefits of gas hot water?

There are a number of benefits of using a gas hot water system, we cover these below to help you make the right decision for your wants and needs:

Environmentally Friendly

The gas used to generate hot water emits no pollutants into the environment. As a result, installing gas hot water systems ensures that there will be no environmental contamination. Aside from environmental benefits, hot water generated by a tankless gas water heater is clean. The reason for this is, unlike a traditional water heater, a gas water heater warms water as it goes through, rather than allowing it to rest and accumulate minerals.


When compared to electric hot water heating systems, a gas hot water system will save you a lot of money in the long run. Gas hot water systems heat water without any thermal loss, and their running costs are cheap, thus the price is low as well. As a result, you may expect to save a lot of funds over time.

Energy Efficient

Gas hot water is an energy-efficient solution. Unlike using electric heating to warm your water, gas burns swiftly and hotly, which means it heats your water faster and uses less energy. Aside from that, you may utilise instantaneous gas hot water systems, which only heat water when it is needed and do not require a storage tank. As a consequence, you do not need to keep your electricity on all the time, but only when needed.

How do I choose the right gas hot water system?

When researching and deciding the right gas hot water system for your home and family, it’s best to consult one of our experts at Buz Plumbing. There can be several factors that come into play when choosing, such as do you need instantaneous or tank? A tank system may be more efficient than an instantaneous system. If you don’t have much extra space, it also takes up significantly less space. On the disadvantage, it often produces lesser water pressure, making it unsuitable for supplying several bathrooms at the same time.

Make sure you find the right sizing you need before choosing your gas hot water system, when considering a tank system, consider how much water you need to have on hand. In general, a home requires roughly 50L of water per person each day, plus a little more on days when a dishwasher or washing machine is used.

For further details on gas hot water systems, book a consultation with one of our experienced plumbers now.

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