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Buz Plumbing are experienced and skilled professionals who are dedicated to installing, supplying, and repairing various types of hot water systems. We take pride in our plumbing team, who happen to be masterminds in all gas, electric, solar hot water systems and models.

We offer our Hot Water services across the North Brisbane areas, these include:

  • New hot water system installation
  • Fix hot water that isn’t hot
  • Repair hot water systems
  • Removal of water systems

You can only expect to receive energy-efficient hot water systems. But first of all, how can you tell if your hot water system isn’t energy-efficient? You can’t easily decipher this but if you notice an increase in power, get in touch with a licensed hot water plumber to inspect and ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

For example, one situation that isn’t energy-efficient is owning a large-sized hot water system in a small property or vice versa. Either way, your hot water system could be bleeding out money if it’s not the right size for your property.

If your hot water unit is bigger than needed, you end up covering recurring costs that come with maintaining heat in a large body of water. Meanwhile, if it’s too small, you end up constantly running out of hot water.

Here are some key questions to help you choose the best hot water system fit for your situation:

  • Where would you want the system installed?
  • What size is needed?
  • Are you able to shoulder the installation cost and running costs?
  • Have you thought about the environmental impact it may have?
  • What type of system would you want – is it Gas, Electric, Solar, etc?

Brands of Hot Water Systems we install

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Electric hot water system brands

  • Apricus Solar Ready Electric hot water
  • Aquamax Electric hot water
  • Dux Electric hot water
  • Everhot Electric hot water
  • Rheem Electric hot water
  • Rinnai Electric hot water
  • Stiebel Eltron Electric hot water
  • Thermann Electric Hot Water
  • Vulcan Electric hot water
  • Gas Hot Water system brands
  • Aquamax Gas Hot Water
  • Dux Gas Hot Water
  • Everhot Gas Hot Water
  • Rheem Gas Hot Water
  • Rinnai Gas Hot Water
  • Thermann Gas Hot Water
  • Vulcan Gas Hot Water

Solar Hot Water system Brands

  • Apricus Solar Hot Water
  • Aquamax Solar Hot Water
  • Dux Solar Hot Water
  • Everhot Solar Hot Water
  • Kelvinator Solar Hot Water
  • Quantum Solar Hot Water
  • Rheem Solar Hot Water
  • Rinnai Solar Hot Water
  • Thermann Solar Hot Water
  • Vulcan Solar Hot Water
  • Boiling water units brands
  • Rheem
  • Stiebel Eletron
  • Zip
Electric Hot Water Systems
Solar Hotsystem
Kelvinator Solar Hot Water System
Rinnai Electric hot water
50 Litre Vulcan Electric
QuantumFange Commercial Titan 1020

When it comes to choosing a new hot water system, it is best to consult with a plumber who installs a system that is the right size for your property. If this is overlooked, then you can expect to see an increase in your energy bill.

Buz Plumbing are masters in more tasks than just installing electric hot water systems and repairs or replacements, but also with different types such as solar and gas hot water systems. If you’re unsure about what type you would want, we highly recommend you consult your plumber to explore all possible options before installing a new hot water system.

Buz Plumbing provides a wide variety of hot water plumbing services all under one-stop, whether it’s a new hot water system or simply repairs on your current system, we’ve got you covered and we’ll do it without wasting your time or hurting your wallet.

Not only that, but we also carry and install all brands of hot water systems. Simply reach out and call one of our friendly and professional plumbers to find out how we can help you with your hot water systems.

Hot Water System Installation in North Brisbane

Whether it’s an installation or a replacement you need, we are more than capable no matter what type of hot water system: Gas, Electric, Instantaneous or Solar. While the costs for installation vary depending on the complexity of the client’s situation, we try our best to keep it at a minimum. If you are replacing your hot water system with the same type and in the same area of your property, then your installation costs won’t be as high.

Reach out to our experts to discuss the latest pricing and advice regarding instalment for each type of hot water system.

Hot Water System Repair in North Brisbane

Isn’t it annoying expecting a long, warm, shower in the morning only to receive cold water? It totally sets your day off. If you’ve ever noticed that your hot water system wasn’t heating properly anymore or leaking or tripping the power on/off, then those are signs of it breaking down. You’ll probably need it fixed or replaced ASAP and with us, we have hot water systems that can be installed quickly! 

We repair all types of hot water systems: gas, electric, instantaneous and solar.

Simply reach out to our experts to discuss the latest pricing and advice regarding repair for each type of hot water system.

Hot Water System

Hot Water System: Tempering valves.

Tempering valves are to regulate water temperature to maximum of 50 degrees to any fixture used for hygiene purposes. This valve can sometimes malfunction if not checked and can cause issues such as bacteria growth called legionaries. May also be to hot and cause scalding to elderly and infants. For further details on Hot Water issues, Book a service with Buz Services.

Hot Water System: Limiting Valve, Isolation and Non return

Hot Water System: This valve is the first valve that enters the valve train of your Hot water service (Cold Water Feed). This Combination in One valve can save a lot of issues when it comes to Excessive water pressures from the Water mains. Regulates the in pressure to maximum of 500 kpa. Isolates the cold water to the hot water system and also stops from cross contamination. For further details on Hot Water issues, Book a service with Buz Services.

Hot Water System: Pressure and Temperature relief.

Hot Water System: You should refer to the manufacturer’s Specifications on how often to test your PTR valve – although as a rule of thumb this is normally something you should do once every six months. Should be Replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years.

TPR valves have a limited rated service life too, and need to be replaced periodically. Again, how often they need to be replaced will depend on what’s recommended by the manufacturer. In many cases this is something you’ll need to do once every 5 years. For further details on Hot Water issues, Book a service with Buz Plumbing Services.

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