Licensed gas fitters must be used for

Use licensed gas fitters

For any project that involves gas you should always call for, a licensed

gas fitter

. Installing, repairing, and maintaining gas appliances and installing LPG gas bottles requires skilled gas fitters for safety.

All States require licensed gas fitters
The use of a licensed gas fitter is required in all states and territories within Australia. Never attempt to do any gas-related work, including natural and LPG gas. You should also refrain from using a tradesperson with no specialist gas training and license.
It is important to remember that unlicensed gas work is potentially dangerous and is illegal. If gas work is done by an unlicensed tradesperson, your manufacturer’s warranty and insurance cover may be considered void.
State regulatory authorities issue a gas fitter number to every licensed tradesperson. This authorises them to do gas fitting jobs. Endorsements for various types of gas fitting work, such as gas appliance conversions, may be different in some states.
For your protection, you may ask to see your fitter’s license to confirm if he or she has the right skill to do the type of gas work you need to be done.
Plumbers vs Gas Fitters
There are many gas fitters who are plumbers but keep in mind that not all plumbers are skilled in gas fitting. If you need some repairs on your gas hot water system, you will need a tradesperson who is licensed for both plumbing and gas fitting. You should also ask him if he can do gas installation services, such as gas fireplace installation. You should never hesitate to ask because not all gas fitters have the required skills for installing all types of gas appliances.
Compliance Certificates, Badges and Plates
You will receive a Notice of Compliance Certificate depending on which State or Territory you reside in. A compliance badge/plate may also be affixed. In the certificate or badge, the gas fitter should declare that the installation process is done in compliance with all Australian Standards and statutory requirements. In the case of defective installations, the tradesperson will need to come back and correct it.
Common Gas fitting tasks
Gas fitters specialize in different types of gas fitting tasks. This includes the following:
  • Installing gas appliances, as well as conversions, maintenance and repair
  • Installing gas bottles including regulators, pigtails, changeover valves, and gas lines
  • Installing and repairing gas flue pipes
  • Installing gas meters and valves, and other associated pipework
  • Gas pressure adjustments
  • Installing gas detection systems
  • Leak testing and repairs
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