Leaks, Drips and No Pressure

FYI majority of leaks occur at or near plumbing fixtures like tubs, sinks and toilets. If you notice any leaks from these area in your home like kitchens, Bathrooms, toilets, unknown water in back yard then you need to call to have it looked at.

Low flow , low water pressure or no water pressure can be caused by the following:

  • There may be unknown works in your area,
  • There are existing problems at your properties Plumbing.
  • You may have bursted pipe, leak or fault at your home or area.

Its always a good idea to check your local neighbourhood to see wether there are any water company announcements going on in your area to clarify if this could the reason your having no water before dialling a plumber.

If your experience any of these issues please contact Buz Services today 0400030610 to book in a inspection today !!!!

Buz Plumbing Brisbane
Buz Plumbing Brisbane