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Gas Fitter and installation Service in Northside Brisbane

Buz Plumbing in Brisbane covers every gas fitter need that may arise; from gas hot water systems to gas cooktops. We are definitely one of the best at fitting gas appliances. Due to the economical nature of gas being more environmentally friendly compared to other fuels, it is one of the leading energy sources in Australia.

Our skilled gas plumbers are capable of many services such as installation, servicing and repair of gas appliances such as:

  • Gas BBQ installation
  • Cooktops and Stoves
  • Gas installations
  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas leak detection and repair

Our wide range of gas installation and gas fitting services are applicable for both residential and commercial gas needs all around Brisbane. Buz Plumbing only hires experienced and licensed gas fitters to join our leading team of professionals who are on call 24/7 for all gas emergencies.

Gas Fitters in Brisbane

How can you tell if it’s time for your appliance to be replaced? Have you ever thought of purchasing a modern designed appliance to replace your current one?

Our comprehensive range of gas fitting services is offered across any area in Brisbane. No matter where you are or what your situation is. We cover suburbs and home or rental properties.

We guarantee full customer satisfaction for every experience, so you don’t need to worry at all.

Buz Plumbing are masterminds of various installations such as gas cooktops, gas space heaters, gas ovens, and gas hot water systems that are both aesthetically pleasing to look at but also energy-efficient.

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Emergency Gas Fitters in Northside Brisbane

Our emergency gas fitters service across all areas of Brisbane, this includes suburb areas and home or rental properties. Simply give our professional fitters a call, our emergency gas appliance repairs are available 7 days a week.

Natural Gas Service Installations in Northside Brisbane

Gas Compliance certificates Buz Plumbing’s wonderful team of gas fitters provide efficient and quick gas fitting services across the greater Brisbane area. Now that you have a natural gas connection at your property, the next step is to hire the services of a certified gas fitter to properly install the appliances and its pipework. Your hired contractor must have complete licences and be skilled in sizing and installing your natural gas services. As soon as the appliance is in place and connected, we test the system to assure you everything is working smoothly. We then verify the completion of your new natural gas installation as compliant and safe by issuing you a gas compliance certificate.

LPG Bottle Installations in Northside Brisbane

All domestic LPG gas systems across Brisbane are only supplied through gas cylinders that range from 7kg swap and go bottles to 45kg in-situ storage tanks, depending on the size and demands required. LPG, more popularly known as propane, is a popular choice for cooktops and freestanding cookers because of its low cost. Compared to natural gas connections, wherein you would have to cover a daily service fee, with LPG gas systems, you only pay for what you use. So it is definitely more economical for smaller households. Our skilled Brisbane gas fitters are capable of helping you when it comes to installing LPG bottles of the right size in the proper positions.

Compliance Certificates

Gas Compliance certificates are filed to verify we have followed the provisions needed for gas services. These certificates are needed whenever an appliance is installed, or repaired (making alterations to a gas line, fixing a gas leak or extending pipework.) To assure that your gas system is safe, we are required to investigate the appliance systems for any defects and further conduct a gas pressure test upon completion. Unrestrained gas bottles, faulty appliances and leaks are some of the most common defects we find.

If there is some work such as pipework or appliance installation, you can expect to also be issued a gas compliance plate placed inside your electrical meter box. All gas certificates and plates must be requested during L.P.G. bottle refills or gas audits.

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