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Pipe Relining In Brisbane

Pipe relining is quickly becoming a popular method for fixing broken or blocked drains. This is because this method is cost effective and much more efficient than other plumbing methods for clearing blocked drains. Although it sounds like quite an easy process, our North Brisbane plumbers are needed to ensure the procedure runs smoothly with the right tools and expertise. At Buz Plumbing, we specialise in Pipe Relining, so give us a call today to save yourself a yard full of trenches and a need for a complete reinstallation.

So, what is Pipe Relining? Pipe Relining is the new and preferred method for repairing cracked or broken drainage pipes internally. This means no more digging trenches and digging up your backyard. The goal with Pipe Relining is simply creating a new stronger pipe inside the damaged area, ensuring a smoother flow and sealed off cracks. The reason this happens is the tube contains a coating of resin that, when applied, sticks to the internal wall of the existing pipe, giving your pipes protection against tree roots.

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How is Pipe Relining Performed?

Firstly, Buz Plumbing will inspect the pipes and take measurements by sending a drain camera down within the pipe. We do this to assess the pipes for any cracks or drain blockages. This helps us identify the problematic areas and decide on the best course of action. Once we have those measurements, we proceed to create a custom liner with an inflatable bladder. These will match the specifications of the internal piping. 

After we have made the decision to reline the pipe, the pipe is cleaned using a hydro-jetter. This pushed water through with extreme pressure to remove any grease within the piping. This has to be performed as the resin will not merge with copious amounts of residue attached. 

Once the pipes have been thoroughly cleaned, the felt liner is soaked in an epoxy resin and the deflated bladder is inserted into the pipe liner. We use an attached rope on each end to pull the pipe liner into place, doing this by using the existing access points. The felt liner and deflated bladder are pulled into position within the pipe, done so with no digging whatsoever. To ensure the equipment is lined up perfectly, we insert the drain camera and make movements accordingly. The bladder is inflated, this action blows out the felt liner sealing it against the original pipes, creating our new pipe that covers up any breaks or cracks. The bladder is then deflated and pulled back out, leaving our client with a brand new, strong and watertight pipe.

To finalise this procedure, we re-insert our drain camera to inspect the sealed area to ensure everything has been done correctly and we have a new tough pipe. 

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What Can Pipe Relining Fix?

Really, any form of damage to your pipes can be fixed with relining, including:

  • Cracked Pipes
  • Corroded Pipes
  • Sagging Pipes
  • Misaligned Pipes

Although Pipe Relining can generally be the preferred method, there are circumstances where the pipe may have too much damage to be repaired with a resin ligning. That’s why regular maintenance and inspections are imperative. If we are able to catch the damage early, Pipe Relining can help you with lower cost fixes while still being environmentally friendly. 

Why Choose Buz Plumbing?

Buz Plumbing Services have been established since October 2018 and is a family orientated business who services the Brisbane Northern Suburbs. We have excellent experience in performing Pipe Relining in Brisbane.

We always provide you with honest advice, having our clients best wishes at heart with every quote we perform. Buz Plumbing aims to always build positive relationships with our customers, we do this by going the extra mile every client experience. We also maintain a 5 ⭐️ Google rating.

When you need a pipe relining plumber in Brisbane, look no further than Buz Plumbing. Give us a call today on 0400 030 610.