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Different Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems have become one of the un-sung heroes of our households. Essential in our day to day lives, they are imperative for all the hot water supply in our homes. There are times when we might have to change or replace our hot water system, Buz Plumbing takes you through the different types of hot water systems within the market. We will discuss these main system options with you, giving you the knowledge and power to make the right decision that’s best for your household.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water Systems work by simply connecting the tank to your home’s electricity supply, small tanks can easily plug into a normal power outlet, whereas the bigger tanks may need higher currents of electricity. 

An electric hot water system utilises a heating element placed inside the tank itself, this in turn heats the water. Think of the system as a very large Kettle. Water is kept heated and made readily available whenever needed, here are some pros and cons to help your decision:


Electric hot water systems have a low upfront cost, are convenient and easy to use while producing hot water on demand. This option is a fantastic choice for a family using a moderate amount of hot water. 


The Electric hot water system can end up costing you more in the long run, with a longer time recovery. There are also major disadvantages in the case of a power outing as there won’t be hot water available.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water System

To have a Gas Hot Water System within your home you must have a connection to either the natural gas mains supply in your street, or LPG bottle gas independent to your household. The Gas hot water system uses a burner, which ignites the gas as it enters the system. These systems are great for larger families, this is due to their high recovery rate and rapid heating. 

The Gas hot water system has proven that it can heat twice as fast as the Electric hot water system, which makes for a handy option for larger households. Here are some further pros and cons to help you make the best choice:


The Gas hot water system has a higher recovery rate compared to the Electric. It has the ability to supply hot water even during those power outages and has a low cost for operation. One beneficial element is the fact that it has a limitless amount of hot water ready for supply at any time. 


The Gas hot water system can have a higher initial set-up cost compared to the Electric.

Rinnai Gas Filter

Solar Hot Water System

A Solar hot water system works by capturing the heat produced from the sun, transferring it to the water that is then channeled into water outlets within the household. Solar hot water systems are one of the best examples of an environmental option – showing you are advocating for lower greenhouse gas emissions. This option is of course powered by solar energy, making it freely available and renewable. Here are some further pros and cons to help make the right choice:


The Solar hot water system will eventually be the most cost effective method in the long run, it’s easy to use with high efficiency. Utilising this option means you are eligible to get government rebates for your renewable energy.


This solar option tends to have a high initial set-up cost and requires a sufficient amount of roof space. When it comes to the winter months or lower levels of sunshine, this can have a direct impact on the efficiency of this hot water system.

Solar Hotsystem

Heat Pump Water Heater

A Heat pump water heater is the most technologically advanced option within the hot water system sector. Similar to the Solar option, the Heat pump water system uses renewable energy and is environmentally friendly. To heat water, the heat pump works similar to a fridge, but in reverse. The Heat pump water system captures air directly around it, circulating it through the pump. In doing this, the heat within the air grows and is then channelled towards the water reverse. 

This system is still attached to a water tank, much like a regular hot water system. But is regarded as being two to three times more efficient energy wise than a standard Electric hot water system, drawing less power. Here are some further pros and cons to help you make the right choice:


The Heat pump water heater as mentioned above, is highly efficient compared to the standard water heater. This system has lower running costs and is great for larger families. These generally have a longer lifespan which also helps with costs in the long run. 


Like the Solar system, the major con is the higher upfront costs. These systems also require really good ventilation. 

So… What Is the Best Option?

Each household is different, there are several factors such as the size of the household and what the hot water usage might look like. Buz Plumbing knows everything there is to know about the different types of hot water systems, so look no further when it comes to having a chat about the right system for you. 

We are able to supply and install a wide range of these systems from the most trusted brands. We will assess your household and ask you questions about your usage etc. initially. This will give us the correct information to make a sufficient recommendation for your individual situation. So don’t wait any longer, give the team at Buz Plumbing a call today on 0400 030 610!