Electric or Gas Installations? What System is Best For You?

Has your hot water system suddenly stopped operating or reached the end of its useful life? It’s time to install a new hot water system, but the question is whether to install an electric or gas hot water system? Depending on individual needs, people may prioritise making a greener option, consider costs, or take other factors into account. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you select a gas or electric hot water system for your residence.

Installation – Certified Gas Fitters

The price differences between a gas hot water system and an electric hot water system also depend on installation expenses. Installing an electric hot water system is less expensive, and connecting it to the power source is a straightforward procedure. Installing a gas system costs extra since you need to hire a certified gas plumber with the required certification, connect it to the gas lines and check that the venting is done properly, to ensure your safety. It costs more since it takes longer and requires specialised labour. Buz Plumbing’s wonderful team of certified gas fitters provide efficient and quick gas fitting services across the greater Brisbane area.

Electric Hot Water Systems:

Similar to a kettle, an element inside the storage tank is used in electric hot water systems to heat the water. It must be admitted that these tanks are not the most energy-efficient hot water system available, however, are among the most affordable options, coming in a range of sizes.


Low initial expenses as they require low upfront costs.
Reliable as it does not rely on gas however, does not run if power is out.
Simple to install, as it can simply be connected to existing electricity.


Costly in the long run
Using non-renewable energy sources is not environmentally beneficial.
Inefficient as the system still runs and heats water in off-peak times.

Gas Hot Water Systems:

Gas hot water systems differ fundamentally from electric hot water systems in that gas uses a burner rather than an element. Moreover, gas systems frequently have smaller storage tanks than electric ones since they boil water much more quickly than electric ones.


Fewer emissions of greenhouse gases
Compared to electricity, generally have lower usage rates (depending on your area)
Long-term cost effective because they heat water more quickly and don’t need to operate as frequently as electric models


Only really functional when linked to a gas main (using LPG bottles is very expensive)
It must be outside (or exhaust fan inside)
The cost of gas appliances is higher because installing new gas lines must be done by a licensed gas fitter when switching from electric to gas.

Northside Brisbane Gas Installation

Any gas fitting needs are covered by Buz Plumbing in Brisbane. We excel in installing gas appliances, whether it be gas cook tops or hot water systems. Gas is one of the main energy sources in Australia since it is more cost-effective than other fuels and is also more environmentally friendly. Both residential and business gas needs are covered by our extensive selection of gas installation and gas fitting services in the Brisbane area.Call Buz Plumbing at 0400 030 610 today!