Signs Your Hot Water System May Need To Be Repaired or Replaced.

Many homeowners don’t realise their water heaters are becoming worse until it’s too late and their showers are replaced with cold water. You must be aware of the warning signs that will enable you to determine whether your hot water system requires a repair or a replacement before it’s too late.

Electric Hot Water Systems

The Lifespan of Your Hot Water System

How old is the water heater in your home? The amount of time your water heater has been in use should indicate that it needs to be replaced. Depending on how it has been cared for, a typical water heater should have a usable life of 8–12 years. If your hot water system is coming towards its 10 year point it may be an indication that it needs to be replaced before a total breakdown.

Fluctuating or Lukewarm Water Temperatures

Hot water should be available as desired by the thermostat if a hot water system is working properly. There is a problem if the appliance was once producing hot water and then all of a sudden it begins supplying cold or lukewarm water. If you adjust your thermostat and the temperature does not change, your heating element is burning out. This is a sign that you need a new water heater to continue supplying hot water to your home. A hot water plumber can replace your system as soon as frequent fluctuations begin to occur.

Rust or Other Particles

Your hot water unit is nearing the end of its life if it begins to rust and corrode, mostly inside the water tank. You can tell if your hot water system is rusty if the water from your taps or shower have fragments of rust or erosion. This is an obvious sign that it is worn out and is best to recognise the problem before it causes further damage or worse, clogging in your entire plumbing system.

Leaks, Drips or Noises

One of the biggest giveaways that your hot water system is on its way out is leaks or drips. If there is water surrounding your appliance or you notice regular drips then it’s a clear indication your hot water system will need to be replaced. A leaking tank cannot be fixed, and continuing to use it puts you at risk of flooding or secondary damage in the near future. While leaks can be hard to recognise, noises from your hot water system is a clear indication of a problem. The water heater making a little noise is not alarming. But, if this noise persists over time and grows to get louder, it may indicate that the water heater needs to be repaired. When mineral deposits accumulate near the heating components, it is more difficult for the heater to warm the water.
It’s important to regularly check your hot water system to get on top of these issues and to call Buz Plumbing if these conditions occur.

Hot Water Repairs and Replacements in North Brisbane

Are you frequently having to repair your hot water system? Consistent repairs not only costs you money but also means that your hot water system is no longer efficient. If your electricity bills are abnormally high your system is probably using more energy and heat for smaller amounts of water. In this case you’re better off getting one of our hot water system installers to replace your unit before further damage occurs. 

Every house and hot water system is unique. If you want to talk about problems, repairs, or replacements for your system then look no further, Buz Plumbing are experts in hot water repairs Brisbane wide. We can provide and install a variety of these systems from the most reputable manufacturers. First, we will inspect your home and inquire about your problems, from then we can provide you with a suitable recommendation. So don’t put it off any longer and call the Buz Plumbing crew at 0400 030 610 right away!