How a Blocked Drain Could Be The Reason for Low Water Pressure?

Nothing is more annoying than getting ready for a shower only to discover that you have to shower under water that’s down to a dribble because the water pressure is so low! For many homeowners, low water pressure is a big inconvenience, but what causes it?

A blocked drain is frequently the cause of low water pressure. Older homes may have iron pipes, and these pipes may become clogged with material like rust. The pipeline’s valves, and other components jam up, slowing the flow of water. Other materials and debris are also a typical issue as it quickly accumulates and causes clogs. Your Blocked Drain can be a result of several issues, if you need a blocked drain fixed its best to contact Buz Plumbing to avoid secondary damages.

4 Causes for a Blocked Drain


Buildup of hair is a major cause of clogged drains, particularly in the bathroom and shower. While it’s easy to remove the hair, if not resolved early on it can cause a lot of secondary water damage including low water pressure. Staying on top of regularly picking up hair in the shower or bathroom after getting ready will ensure that your sinks and drains stay clear.


Your water pressure may gradually decrease over time as a result of the accumulation of debris and minerals in your water pipes. The natural flow of the pipes can be decreased by sand, dirt, and other pollutants that enter through the sinks in your home or fractures in the water pipes that lowers the water pressure. Buz Plumbing uses CCTV footage to help find any debris or mineral buildup that is the source of the pressure decrease.


Grease and fat will accumulate in the kitchen sink over time, much like hair does in the bathroom. These fatty compounds can be troublesome to remove yet are a frequent cause of clogged drains and pipelines. Any fat or grease waste that is flushed down the drain will cool and harden, lining the pipes’ interior and eventually build up to the point where no liquid can move through. It’s critical to understand that this grease doesn’t flow out of the pipes as quickly as you may anticipate. Avoid washing fatty ingredients down the drain by pouring them into containers and disposing of them. 

Storm or Tree Roots

Heavy rainfall during the wet season causes floods of water to occur in drains. Additionally, tree roots, dirt or other build up can occur during rainfall that clogs drains, down pipes and gutters. Buz Plumbing’s modern High-Pressure Water Jetters can run up to a pressure of 5000 psi to unclog blocked drains. The hose is inserted into the blocked drain and self-propels itself through the pipe breaking down any obstacles, such as moss, tree roots, dirt, and grease that are in its way.

Your Go-to Professionals

Are you sick of that slow flowing sink or the shower that is merely a drizzle? Buz Plumbing are Your Go-to Professional Blocked Drain Plumbers in North Brisbane! 

Buz Plumbing is a North Brisbane-based business that specialises in both diagnosing and clearing blocked drains. We’ll promptly clear up your obstruction! The most recent CCTV Drain Cameras and High-Pressure Water Jetters are available to our qualified plumbers to ensure you get a prompt and professional service. Call Buz Plumbing at 0400 030 610 today!